Stowmarket Striders
Running Club

Strider of the Month Hall of Fame

We believe our club is particularly special due to the amazing members that contribute in a whole host of ways.  So many members deserve recognition for their achievements, their commitment, to improving themselves and/or helping others along the way. Each month the Team Captains reflect on who within the club has been outstanding in some way and award the Strider of the Month.

In recognition of their achievements the following individuals proudly join our Strider of the Month Hall of Fame:


Month Senior Junior
January - -
February - -
March Millie & Maddie Jordan-Lee -
April Clare Maskery -
May Sam and Angela Burdett Josephine Beer
June Chris Gay Imogen Porch
July Greg Stowe Lester Palmer
August Mike Munson -summer break-
September Louise Goddard  


  Seniors Juniors
January Jo Stephenson & Jason Allard      ---
February James Hayward Millie Jordan-Lee
March Gill Charlton Maddie Jordan-Lee
April Justin Potter Scarlett Angove
May Bob Reason Ezmay Wells
June Andy Hayward Isabella Porch
July Sue Garrod - summer break -
August Emma Attwood - summer break -
September Harry Smith  


  Seniors Juniors 
January Kendra Hammond       -
February Richard Leeder -
March Craig Hawkins -
April Frank Moggan -
May Morgan Moore -
June Anna Smith -
July no award - summer break -
August Clare Keefe -
September Ritchie Parkins -
October Stephen Mead Kate Heeks           
November Emma Attwood Megan Meadows
December Angela Whiting -


January Dale Mandell             
Febuary Shellie Chettle - Junior
March Denise Wright
April Haley Suttle
May Melody-Anne Neville
June Kate Beer
July Iain Hunter
August Catherine Belsom
September Denise Robinson
October Laura Hicks
November Josephine Beer - Junior
December Terry Hunter                    



January Jane Skoulding
February Elliot Burdett
March Helen Beatty
April David Fenton
May Sandra Mayhew
June Louise Goddard
July David Daniels
August Mary Narey
September Sam Metcalfe & Tracey Rose
October James Hayward
November Isabella Porch
December George Cain



January Liz Beighton
February Chris Morton
March Dianne Hughes
April Tammy Jordan
May Jenny Bird & Tony Burdett
June Ron Ames                          
July Nick Hammond
August Susan Bloomfield
September Nicholas Barton
October James Hayward
November Steve Pretty
December Scott Williams



March Sean Jones
April Carol Fowels
May Wendy Hughes
June Samuel Burdett
July Michael Jones
August Sue Philp
September Ben Rodriguez
October Tim Larke
November Haley Suttle & Penny Waggott
December Striders Coaches