Stowmarket Striders
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Club Awards

Every year, usually announced at the Stowmarket Striders Christmas Party, the club announces the male and female Club Champions, the Striders of the Year and the Coaches Awards.

Club Champions

The club championships are a series of 6 races held over the summer months using a handicapped system over a set 5km route from Mid-Suffolk Leisure Centre. Full details of this series can be found on the Club Championships page. Male and Female winners each receive a shield engraved with their name.

The 2017 Winners are:

  Ladies   Mens
1st Overall Becky Jack 1st Overall Andy Hayward
2nd Overall Laura Brown 2nd Overall Gavin Boag
3rd Overall Helen Cain 3rd Overall Jason Allard
Junior Kate Heeks Junior Alfie Larke
Senior Pippa Sargent Senior Alex Hobbs
FV35 Claire Keefe MV40 Richard Leeder
FV40 Lorraine Mills MV45 Chris Seymour
FV45 Angela Burdett MV50 Bob Reason
FV50 Jo Stephenson MV55 Andrew Webber
FV55 Debbie McDowell MV60 Don Beatty
FV60 Jean Lynch-Aird MV65 David Loades
FV65 Sue Moggan MV70 Peter Gay

Previous Club Champions

Strider of the Year

2017 Ladies winner is Emma Attwoood
2017 Men's winner is Chris Starmer

This award is voted by the members of the club. Voting for your male and female Strider of the Year can be based on a number of factors:-

Who you think has ran their hearts out during the past year.
Who you think has worked hardest on behalf of the club.
Who you think has represented the club best.
Who you think has entertained us best.
Who you think has been more than just a Strider member.
Who you think deserves the grand title of Strider of the Year.

Voting starts a few weeks before the Christmas Party, usually mid-November, and ends on the night of the Christmas Party. The Chairman will then count the votes and announce the winner on the night.

The Mens Strider receives for the following year the 'George Leggett Cup', a pewter cup in memory of a club member, George Leggett, who died before his time in 2004.

The Ladies Strider of the year receives the 'Bridget Payne' Memorial Bowl, a beautiful Irish Crystal glass bowl.

Previous Winners

Year Mens Ladies
2016 Peter Tricker Julia Baldwin
2015 Jason Allard Julia Baldwin
2014 Tim Larke Angela Burdett
2013 Ron Ames Mary Narey
2012 Frank Moggan Denise Wright
2011 Chris Seymour Mary Narey
2010 Frank Moggan Jo Stephenson

Frank Moggan/

Ron Ames

Haley Suttle
2008 Stuart Green Abi Paton
2007 Frank Moggan Mary Narey
2006 Chris Starmer Debbie Ghant
2005 Chris Starmer Glenda Taylor
2004 Les Basham Sue Garrod
2003 Peter Tricker Tammy Jordan
2002 Grayhame Fish Ellen Boughton
2001 Richard Nash Katy Nash
2000 Nick Stephens Anne Fish
1999 - Lorraine Phillips


5K Track Challenge - Most Improved Awards

Emma Attwood & Gavin Boag


Coaches Awards

2017 awards went to Sue Moggan, Clare Douglas, David Loades & Elliot Wells

This prestigous award comes from the coaches to those who they believe have run their hearts out and had the biggest success at achieving their own goals.

Congratulations to all recipients.


Peter Tricker Trophy for Most Improved Beginner

Gemma Langridge


Strider Award of Special Recognition

Harry Smith


Triathlon Awards

Helen Wing & Tom Ames


London Marathon Places

Each UK Athletics-affiliated club is guaranteed a number of places dependant upon the number of club members amongst other criteria. The Stowmarket Striders usually have 3 or 4 guaranteed places to the London Marathon. Having met certain club criteria, each club member can apply for one of these places. Since there are normally more applicants than places, names are drawn from a hat at the Christmas Party. Applicants lucky enough to win places for the 2018 Virgin London Marathon are:

James Cooper, Kate Beer, Anna Smith

We wish those runners lots of luck not only for race day but for all the training they will endure for the next few months before the big day.