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Junior Striders

Junior Striders is for all keen young runners aged between 9 and 17 years of age.

Tuesday sessions are currently on school break resuming on Tuesday 8th January 2019

We run training sessions for Juniors on Tuesday nights during school term time, between 5.45pm to 6.45pm for all age groups and Thursday night sessions 6.30pm to 7.30pm for 13-17 year olds. The sessions are run by UK Athletics qualified coaches who have all been on child protection courses and have been DBS checked. The club is also achieved full 'Club Mark' status. We can cater for all standards and new members are always welcome.

Junior Striders is divided into two development groups: Fundamentals Group: aka Wacky Racers (age 9-11/12) focus is general athletic development around, run, throw & jump activities, Foundation Group: aka WKR (age 12/13-17) - focus is more on speed endurance running development, form, preparation for transistion at senior level running at around 17. 

Each session starts with a warm up and motability stretches, finishing with a cool down and stretches.

The following are some examples of the type of coached sessions we run:

800m fast x 2 with 4 minute jog/walk recovery, 3 minutes x 3
Short hills (approximately 40 meters) with walk recovery, 3 minutes x 3
Fartleck (fast then slow), 10 minutes on the whistle
75m x 5 at 75% with walk recovery. 75m x 2 sprints with full recovery between
Pyramids, 100, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100, with same distance recovery
Endurance run with shorter warm-up
Plyometrics with hurdles, ladders, hopping and jumps
Time Trial: In summer on the grass track

Where do I find the Junior training sessions and when does it meet?

The Juniors meet once a week, on Tuesday evenings from 5.45pm to 6.45pm at the Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, in our 'Clubhouse' - the meeting room behind the reception area. Training is generally outside, even during the winter so you need to consider the weather when coming out to run, hi viz vests or tabards must be worn during the winter sessions.

We also hold an extra session for 13-17 year olds on at Thursday night, 6.30 to 7.30pm

The sessions are usually attended by a minimum of 2 coaches plus parent helpers.

How do I join and what does it cost?

To join the club simply turn up a Tuesday evening with a good pair of trainers. We generally let you try it for a couple of weeks first to see how you get on before asking you to join officially. You will need to complete a Juniors Try-Out Form before you attend your first sesion and bring it with you. If after a couple of sessions you'd like to join, you can do so completing the online membership application - see our Membership page.

Junior Try-Out Application Form

Annual membership for Juniors is only £15.00 for the year to 31st March. There is no weekly attendance fee, only the annual membership fee.

What do I need to do while I'm there?

All we ask is that you enjoy yourself, keep smiling, listen to the coaches and stick to our Junior Code of Conduct. We also ask that parents/carers also observe our Parent/Carers Code of conduct too. These should be printed and signed accordingly and handed to one of our Coaches.

During the dark winter nights we ask that you wear a hi-viz bib, vest or jacket. Hi-viz bibs are available through our kit officer. See the kit page for more details.

What can I expect from the coaches?

The coaches ensure that the training suits the runner's ability and they will help you improve and achieve you goals.

The juniors are well looked after by our coaches who adhere to our club's "Club Welfare Policy". UK Athletics also produce a Junior Sport Factsheet for coaches and a Checklist for coaches that show how a training session should be run. As part of it's successful ClubMark application the club has also produced details of the Junior Section Coaching Sessions and Standards for the Junior athletes.

As well as coaching juniors on a Tuesday evening, many of the coaches have also worked in local schools and have coached the Mid Suffolk District Athletics Team at the Suffolk Youth Games.

I fancy running a few races, are there any I can do?

On just about every weekend of the year you will find a race of some description somewhere in the area. Most are for "seniors" (people over 15 or more, depending on the race distance) BUT many of the clubs who organise these races hold Junior Races or Fun Runs with the main race. The junior or fun runs are usually no more than 2 miles and there are usually prizes for the winners and medals or mementos of some sort for all the runners.

There are strict UK Athletics rules about how far juniors can race.

If you are under 13 years the furthest you can race is 4,000 metres (2.4855 miles)
If you are under 15 years the furthest you can race is 6,000 metres (3.7283 miles)
If you are under 17 years the furthest you can race is 10,000 metres (6.2137 miles)

We have a full race diary on our website that lists all the local senior races. If there is a fun run or junior run linked to the senior race the details will be included in the remarks section for the race.

During the summer the club takes part in the "Friday 5 Series". Each one of these races also has a Junior Race. For more details please see our Friday 5 Series page.

During the winter the club takes part in a Cross Country series. Each of these races also has a Junior Race. More details about these races can be see on our Suffolk Winter Cross Country League page.